The World's #1
Ceremonial Grade

Imagine taking time everyday to appreciate the magnificance of this journey we call life, the beauty of this incredible planet that we live on and to feel gratitude and know the sacredness of all that we call mundane.

It's amazing what a little heart opening can do!

Ceremonial Cacao is soooooo much more than great chocolate. It's the gateway to the greater you! Tap into your unlimited creativity, experience higher awareness, expanded consciousness and a connectedness to all of life in ways you have never felt before.

Ceremonial Cacao is a heart opener, a consciousness facilitator and a wise teacher. Step through the doorway to a greater you...

Since we started working with the Cacao Deva in 2010, we have always sought guidance and taken direction from her through ceremony for all the steps in the creation of Sacred Earth Medicine.


You've bought your first block of Ceremonial Cacao, taken it out of the packet and its waiting there looking delicious in front of you. "How do I use it?" we hear you ask. Well...

Our friends over at Touchwood Mushrooms in Denmark, WA recently wrote an article on how to the owners Graham & Cat like to prepare their incredible medicinal mushroom products with our magical Ceremonial Cacao. Here's how we prepare ours...

Ritualistic preparation of a delicious Sacred Hot Chocolate is the cornerstone of any good meditation, yoga practice or creative session. So take your time and put as much love into the whole process as you can.

The Sacred Cacao Love Potion is our newest witchy concoction and we are excited about it! Each herb in the brew contains aphrodisiac qualities and will give you that sparkly feeling and extra zing. It also tastes delicious!