Oh no! We have run ou of Ceremonial Cacao blocks. Big apologies beautiful cacao crew. Here’s the latest on our stock levels…

What’s happened to all the Ceremonial Cacao?

Despite our best efforts to ensure we always have stock of Ceremonial Cacao, COVID-19 is temporarily standing in the way of our next order arriving from beloved Peru. Like almost every other country on mother earth, Peru is in lockdown and has implemented restrictions limiting travel both within and outside the country.

We made an order of Ceremonial Cacao months ago, before COVID-19 was even a thing, but of course creating great cacao takes time. The beautiful beings who create Ceremonial Cacao weaved their magic, but in the rush to slow the spread of the virus, the Peruvian government locked down the country our order ended up stuck on the farm, unable to be shipped to the capital and on to Australia.

Current Status (updated 18/5/2020)

The travel restrictions in Peru are currently being eased and our next order has made it to Lima, where it is waiting to get on any available transport to Australia. Airlines are in the planning stages of resuming flights to Australia, but this is not a quick process and we are getting mixed messages about when the first flight is planned. Even though transport by sea to Australia will take up to 45 days, this is looking like the quickest option at the moment. Accordingly, our next order of Ceremonial Cacao will soon be on a boat on it way! Fingers crossed.

We will update this section as soon as we have news that it is on its way.

What does this mean for our stock of Ceremonial Cacao?

We are currently out of stock of Ceremonial Cacao and we won’t be back in stock until early July 2020. Unhappy 🙁 This means that we have no stock to sell on our website or to any retailers.

We will let you know as soon as we have an arrival date for new stock

Once we have a firm date of arrival for our next order of Ceremonial Cacao, we will send out an email and post it on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We will also update the top bar of our website. Please check back regularly as things are changing daily at the moment. Much like the consciousness of the planet!

Our plan going forward

We are now working with our suppliers to create bigger orders and send them earlier. We will also be committing to transport by sea instead of air, as this is currently the only (semi) reliable form of transport for international trade. We are assuming that global trade is not going to go back to normal any time soon and we will do all we can to ensure that we won;t be caught out like this again.

Love and chocolate blessings to everyone for your patience! We appreciate all your messages of support and are looking forward to getting your ceremonies – however big or small – happening again soon.