Apologies Cacao Crew, due to imports being affected by COVID-19 travel restrictions, we are completely out of Cacao :(

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Ceremonial Cacao and COVID-19

Oh no! We have run ou of Ceremonial Cacao blocks. Big apologies beautiful cacao crew. Here's the latest on our stock levels...What's happened to all the Ceremonial Cacao?Despite our best efforts to ensure we always have stock of Ceremonial Cacao, COVID-19 is temporarily standing in the way of our next [...]

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How to Make the Perfect Sacred Hot Chocolate

Making the perfect Sacred Hot Chocolate isn't as difficult as it sounds. Firstly and most importantly, Sacred Earth Medicine's Ceremonial Cacao is a must! If your cacao isn't ceremonial grade, your hot chocolate simply won't give you the heart expansion and vibrational lift that a good sacred hot chocolate will.

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